Fast and Secure Web Hosting for Kent Businesses

We offer a full range of web hosting, from startup hosting and virtual servers up to a full hosting rack at our data centre, starting at just £120.00 per annum. With all of our hosting solutions, loading times and performance are our top priority!

If you’re working with us on a new website or CMS project, we include one year of hosting from the day your site launches.

Virtual Server

Traditionally, websites are hosted on what we call a “virtual server” in a shared hosting environment. This means that multiple software-based servers run within a physical server computer. This style of hosting keeps operating costs low and allows for redundancy to be built in. This reduces the price of hosting and helps make sure your site is always available.

Dedicated Server

Some web applications require one or more dedicated servers to host their code and run processes. This is the sort of hosting used by big companies that have a lot of processing to do “in the cloud” – like Amazon or the BBC. If your project requires this sort of hosting, we’ll discuss this with you early on.

Hybrid Hosting

Hybrid hosting allows us to pick and choose from various service levels and configurations to create a bespoke and custom hosting fit for your project.

Ultimate Security

If you are dealing with payments or secure information, you require the best security we can offer. We put services such as these behind an Incapsulate firewall, which protects it from outside attacks.


We offer a full range of robust email solutions including Hosted Microsoft Exchange and a Hybrid Email Solution, helping optimise your infrastructure costs. Protect your inbox with advanced virus protection and spam filters. Handle even the busiest email addict with enterprise webmail and a 25GB to 100GB mailbox.

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