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Our AI For Good Charter

We believe wholeheartedly that artificial intelligence (AI) has immense potential to make a positive impact. Our mission is to use our skills to build AI solutions that can enhance lives, protect our environment, and champion fairness.

Our approach to creating AI systems always prioritises privacy and security. Rest assured, we'll never collect or use personal data without your explicit consent, and we'll take every measure to secure our systems against any unauthorised access.

We're committed to ensuring our AI systems are impartial and fair. We pledge not to use AI in a way that discriminates against any person or group. We're proactive in identifying and mitigating any risk of bias in our systems, fostering an environment of equality.

Transparency and accountability are cornerstones of our AI development. We're striving to make our systems understandable, helping users know how decisions are being made. We're ready to stand by our work and take responsibility for the impact it has.

We know we're not alone on this journey. We're keen to collaborate and share knowledge to make responsible AI development the standard, not the exception. By working with organisations and individuals alike, we'll share our learnings, champion best practices, and advocate for policies that encourage responsible AI development.

We believe AI is here to empower, not to control. AI should augment human capabilities, fostering creativity and productivity, not be a tool for manipulation.

AI, for us, is about solving real-world problems, not just turning a profit. We're determined to align our AI initiatives with the societal needs and benefits.

We're committed to respecting human rights and dignity in all our AI work. We strive to ensure our AI practices align with internationally recognised human rights principles and standards.

We aspire to use AI to help build a more just and equitable world. We're determined that our AI solutions should address inequalities and disparities, helping to create a more balanced society.

We're committed to continuous learning and improvement. We understand that AI is ever-evolving. We're ready to learn, iterate and improve our AI systems based on feedback and advancements in the field.

We're also acutely aware of potential negative implications and unintended consequences of AI. We pledge to carefully assess and mitigate such risks at every stage of our design, development, and deployment process.

By sticking to these principles, we're aiming to contribute to a future where AI is a force for good. We're on an exciting journey, and we can't wait to see where it takes us.

— James Montgomery, Director

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