Bespoke Development + Branding

Amandine International Chef Placement

An exciting, complex and multi-stage project that created a cohesive brand. As project managers we provided all elements of the design from branding to the full website development. Drawing on our expertise we developed and rejuvenated the whole brand and website.


Original Logo & Strap
Revised Logo & Strap

A custom portal was developed for Chefs and staff to login, to manage applications, availability and view jobs. The branding is used throughout and embraces the love of food in every element.

We worked with Amandine to consolidate and evolve their brand, centering around the concept of "because great food matters". This central theme is present throughout all branding and is the core value of their CEO and the brand.

Sub-mark - with playful illustrations around ingredients that combine to make a dish

The vibrant website features amazing food photography from David Griffen Photography (food styling by Jamie Porter) and has been exceptionally well received by all, particularly the Chefs and Clients.

Food photography by David Griffen Photography

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