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Wordpress Thesaurus Plugin

Finally finished something I started a while back, which was for a plugin I wanted for personal use more than anything.  The plugin adds a new icon to the WordPress visual editor, which has a Thesaurus search function.  Clicking a …

WordPress Thesaurus Plugin

*** Newer version available *** There is now an updated version of the WordPress Thesaurus Plugin – you can download the WordPress Thesaurus Plugin here. We have just developed a small ‘quick and easy’ WordPress Thesaurus Plugin, which gives a …

Storing your FTP details in WordPress

If WordPress keeps asking you for your FTP details, you can add them with the following code to your ‘wp-config.php’ file: /** FTP connetcion details. */ define(’FTP_HOST’, ‘add_your_ftp_host_here’); define(’FTP_USER’, ‘add_your_ftp_username_here’); define(’FTP_PASS’, ‘add_your_ftp_password_here’);

Facebook Connect and a company Facebook page

The article section of our site has been undergoing lots of updates recently, including the addition of “Facebook Connect”, allowing you to login and comment via your Facebook login details. You can try it out with the “Connect” button on …

Love Wordpress?

We certainly do and think the new version is very good indeed and bow (though slightly shocked) to the dedication of this WordPress fan. Click to view the originals on

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